Trail 7 (for cyclists)

South-west Birmingham circuit

Launching 10th September!

Glacial striations
Cotteridge Park

Cycling trail 7 circuits around SW Birmingham, using cycle trails where possible, taking in many of the most iconic glacial erratic boulders in the area.

This is a suggested loop around south-west Birmingham route, along dedicated cycle routes wherever possible.  The western part of the route is hilly.  …………. More details about getting to the trail and accessibility along it can be found here and can be downloaded as a Word file.

if you want to follow the route on a hand-held GPS device, click here to download a .gpx file (click here)

You can obtain a printed copy of the trail guide at the launch. After the launch event, the guide (folded double-sided A3 size) is available at project events, or from the Earth Heritage Trust at   You can print off a copy yourself by downloading the A4 version (4 pages) here.