Trail 5

Three Hills Challenge

Boulders by Bike or Boots
Waseley Hills Country Park


Cleaning a stone with pressurized boiling water
Erratic in tree root
Two huge boulders

For cyclists, Trail 5 is a cirular tour from Waseley Hills Country Park visiting Calcot, Romsley and Frankley Hills, and the Rea Valley through New Frankley. For walkers, the circuit will be divided into 2 separate trails. Along the New Frankley section we are also planning a timeline trail in partnership with the local community. The launch date is planned for the end of June 2023.

This trail starts in Waseley Hills Country Park and heads west across the M5 to Calcot Hill in the Clent Hills with some challenging hill sections for both cyclists and walkers. Further hill sections are encountered en route to Romsley Hill which has connections to historical glacial research, and splendid views across Birmingham. Further hilly terrain and another M5 crossing take you to Frankley Hill, and a more gentle section through New Frankley takes you to two of the largest erratics known to us, before heading back to the Waseley Hills CP via one more surprise erratic.

More details about getting to the trail and accessibility will be available when the trail has been completed.

You can obtain a printed copy of the trail guide at the launch. After the launch event, the guide (folded double-sided A3 size) is available at project events, or from the Earth Heritage Trust at