Trail 5a

Balaams Wood to Frankley Hill


Cleaning a stone with pressurized boiling water
Erratic in tree root
Two huge boulders

Trail 5a is based around New Frankley and within it we are planning a timeline, Trail 5b, in partnership with the local community.  The launch date for Trail 5a will be advised shortly. Progress in developing Trail 5b will continue for the rest of 2022.

This trail starts by the River Rea in Balaams Wood at the west end of New Frankley, passing through the area on a paved path initially, but muddy conditions may be encountered later in the trail, particularly when ascending Frankley Hill. More details about getting to the trail and accessibility will be available when the trail has been completed.

You can obtain a printed copy of the trail guide at the launch. After the launch event, the guide (folded double-sided A3 size) is available at project events, or from the Earth Heritage Trust at  


Trail 5a map