Trail 4b

Illey Wilderness Trail

Launching 13th August!

Very large Arenig boulder
Quartz boulder, Broadhidley Wood

Trails 4a and 4b start at the Woodgate Valley Visitor Centre and are being launched on 13th August 2022

This trail starts at the visitor centre at Woodgate Valley Country Park where there is plenty of parking.  It requires a level of physical fitness as it goes into the countryside where there are stiles to cross and potentially muddy conditions.   From the same starting point you can also do a walk within Woodgate Valley Country park, trail 4a – see separate webpage.  Trail 4b ………….. More details about getting to the trail and accessibility along it can be found here and can be downloaded as a Word file.

if you want to follow the route on a hand-held GPS device, click here to download a .gpx file (click here)

You can obtain a printed copy of the trail guide at the launch. After the launch event, the guide (folded double-sided A3 size) is available at project events, or from the Earth Heritage Trust at   You can print off a copy yourself by downloading the A4 version (4 pages) here.


Trail 4b map