Fire to Ice Trail

As you walk through Balaams Wood in New Frankley, travel through time and discover how Earth has changed over millions of years! This is a brass rubbing trail which takes you through time from the period when the Arenig rocks were laid down to the Ice Ages. Each post represents a different time period and has a different image to rub.

Click here to find out more about the Fire to Ice timeline trail and download the brass rubbing booklet with instructions how to complete the trail.

Children's Activities

Try our children's activities, which include a wordsearch, rock hunt bingo and poetry. They are aimed at KS2 level. Please download the PDF files below.

Erratic Rocks Wordsearch

Rock Hunt Bingo

Make Your Own Rock Hunt Bingo

Erratic Rock Descriptive Writing

Erratic Rock Senses Poetry

Erratics Project Events

From 2021 to 2023, we enjoyed sharing the stories of the boulders at various community events throughout the SW Birmingham and Bromsgrove area. Here are a few of the events we attended.

Guided Walks

Community Events

Family Fun Days at The Lapworth Museum

Guided Cycle Rides

Temporary Exhibition at The Lapworth Museum

Trail Launches