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Accessibility Information for Erratic Boulders


Download a copy of our leaflet “Accessibility information for Erratic Boulders” 

Here are accessibility details of boulders in three of Birmingham’s Parks.  We also provide separate information about each trail on the trail guides and all this information is summarized at the bottom of this page.

Woodgate Valley Country Park:

Owned and managed by Birmingham City Council.  Full accessibility details are available here:

The boulders in the park all sit alongside a paved path.  The route to all four boulders is  1.5 km one way – returning along the same path.

The largest, and most impressive boulder is 400 m from the disabled parking area.  The path has a slope of 1:20.  There is a bicycle gate 100 m from the disabled parking area, which restricts the path to 1 m wide at the narrowest point.

There are four benches at points alongside the path and a picnic area with benches suitable for wheelchair users, located outside the Visitor Centre.

For more information on the geology and history of the boulders in Woodgate Valley Country Park, please see Glacial Boulder Trail 4 – The Urban Fringe: Woodgate Valley and Quinton.  The boulders highlighted in the Accessibility Information Guide are marked as Localities 1 – 4.


Cannon Hill Park:

Owned and managed by Birmingham City Council.  Full accessibility details are available here:

The boulder sits beside the Boating Lake, next to a paved footpath/cycle path.

The route to the boulder from the disabled car park next to the MAC is 350 m along a paved level path.

The route to the boulder from the disabled spaces in the Car Park on Russell Road is 500 m.  The path is paved.  The first 75 m have a 1:8 slope.

There are many benches beside the paths throughout the park.

For more information on the geology and history of the Cannon Hill Park boulder, please see Glacial Boulder Trail 7 – Boulders by bike: A Cycle Tour around South West Birmingham.  Within the leaflet is information on Cannon Hill Park and the boulder is Locality 1, within the map.


Cotteridge Park

The park is managed by Friends of Cotteridge Park –


The car park is located off Franklin Road, Cotteridge, B30 2HG.  This is on gravel and has no disabled spaces.  There is a disabled parking space located near “The Shed” along a path leading from Franklin Road. 

The shed does not have wheelchair access or disabled toilets but there are toilets available when it is open (

Most of boulders are located beside the paved paths around the park.  There are two boulders near the arboretum that are only accessible using a grass and chippings path.

There are benches located next to the path, throughout the park.

From “The Shed” the main group of boulders is located 200 m away up a paved path with a slope of 1:15.

More level access to this group is available using on-road parking near the junction of Breedon Road and Heathcote Road (what3words: bend.duty.wire) – although not all the kerbs are dropped.  There is step-free access on the bridge over the railway  – the path has bollards, which reduce the width to 1 m – and the distance to the boulders is 75 m from the junction.

Alternative access is from on-road parking on Park Avenue, B30 2ER (What3words: deep.stays.move) and the main boulder is 75 m along the paved path into the park is 75 m.

For more information on the geology and heritage of the boulders in Cotteridge Park please see Glacial Boulder Trail 2 – The Louis Barrow Trail.  The main group of boulders is at Locality 5, and the boulders at localities, 2, 4 and 6 all sit beside paved paths in the park.

Further information on the work of Louis Barrow can be found in the History and Heroes pages and further information about Cotteridge Park can be found here.

Accessibility map of Woodgate Valley Country Park
Accessibility map of Cannon Hill Park
Accessibility map of Cotteridge Park

Glacial Boulder Trail 1: The Roland Kedge Trail,

Great Stone Northfield to the University of Birmingham.

Link to trail 1 page

Route Details

This is a linear walking trail. Starting at the Great Stone Inn (Church Lane, Northfield, B31 2LU).

The trail finishes at Lapworth Museum of Geology, University of Birmingham, B15 2TT.

Return can be via train from University to Northfield Station or bus.


5 miles (8 km) long.


The trail is on pavements and paved footpaths but includes many road crossings, some busy, which include sections without dropped kerbs.  In places the paths are uneven and can be less than 1m wide.

The bridge over Bristol Road South, has a ramp on both sides of the road.

The last section of the walk is along the Worcester to Birmingham Canal, but there are steps down to, and back up from the canal.  There is an alternative route avoiding these steps, marked on the map as an alternative route between Locality 7 and 8.  


Northfield Shopping Centre, has 25 disabled parking spaces, ramps and public and disabled toilet facilities.

The Great Stone Inn:  Has a disabled toilet and disabled access, but no parking.

Selly Oak Shopping Park, Has disabled parking spaces and disabled toilet (

Lapworth Museum of Geology, University of Birmingham, B13 2TT.  For full accessibility information please visit:

The Museum entry is free, but check opening times.



Glacial Boulder Trail 2: Louis Barrow

Link to Trail 2 page

Trail Route Details

This walking trail starts close to Bournville Station , Stirchley, Birmingham, B30 1LG, The trail heads south to Cotteridge Park, then back towards the Mondelez Cadbury factory and Selly Manor Museum.


Trail length and alternatives:

2.7 miles (4.3 km).

The trail can be divided into two shorter walks:

Around Cotteridge Park (1km) visiting localities 2,3, 4, 5 and 6.

Around Bournville by heading from the start to Cadbury Park (1km) visiting localities 1, 7 and 8.



The full trail is almost entirely on hard surfaces except for one grass section in Cotteridge Park – to visit locality 3.  The paths are narrow and uneven in places, include road crossings and steps.

The access into Cadbury Park, for Localities 7 and 8 has steps and is unsuitable for wheelchairs or buggies. 

For details of Cotteridge Park accessibility please see above. 



The Shed in Cotteridge Park – has public toilets (when open) but no disabled toilets or disabled access. (

Selly Mannor Museum.  – has accessible toilet (when open) charges apply.


Glacial Boulder Trail 3: Around Kings Norton

Link to Trail 3 page

Route Details

This is a circular walking trail.

Starting at Kings Norton Station (Pershore Road South, B30 3EG) to the centre of Kings Norton, then through a nature reserve alongside the River Rea to Masefield Square and on to Bromford Dell.

The suggested return route is divided between the busy B4121 and the quieter Northfield Road, with no further boulders.


Trail length and alternatives:

4 miles (6.4 km).

The return journey can be made by bus from Bunbury Road (B4121).

Alternatively, a walk of 1 mile (1.6 km) via Bunbury Road and Curch Road will take you to Northfield Station (Cross-City Line).



Disabled parking is available at:Kings Norton Train Station Car Park,

The route is along pavements and paved surfaces, using accessible crossing points – with dropped kerbs. The paths are uneven and narrow – less than 1m – in places and car parking on pavements an issue around Locations 6 and 7.  There is a 1:20 slope between Location 1 and 2  and 1:10 slope between Location 6 and 7.

Where there are steps, an alternative route is marked on the map with dashed lines.

Locality 4 is at the base of a building, and has no step free access.  Access is over a zebra crossing, and up 5 steps and then a kerb that isn’t dropped.



Kings Norton Station – Disabled Toilet with RADAR key (only when booking office open)

The Bulls Head, Kings Norton –

Masefield Wellbeing Hub (limited opening)


Glacial Boulder Trail 4: The Urban Fringe – Woodgate Valley to Quinton

 Link to Trail 4 page


Route Details

The trail is linear from the start at Woodgate Valley Country Park Visitor Centre to Locality 7.  It then retraces the route to locality 2, where it crosses a metal bridge and heads to a boulder in Quinton.

For more details for the route from the start to Locality 5 please see Woodgate Valley Country Park above.


Trail length

3.2 miles (5 km) – can be reduced to 2.4 miles (4 km) by omitting Localities 8 and 9.



The path from the start at Woodgate Valley Visitor Centre to locality 5 is paved and even.  There is a 1:20 slope from the visitor centre to Locality 2.  The path continues towards localities 6 , within wooded area beside the path and 7 (in the stream bed) but these boulders are not visible from the path.


The path from Locality 2, over the metal bridge towards localities 8 and 9, is unpaved and has rough ground at either end of the unsurfaced track to Quinton makes this stretch unsuitable for wheelchair users.  Access to the paved section at Quinton is through a “kissing gate” which may be unsuitable for a buggy.  Access to Locality 9 is via 4 steps – without a handrail.  There is no step free access.



Woodgate Valley Visitor Centre:

Has 7 disabled parking spaces, accessible toilet in visitor centre (when open).


 Glacial Boulder Trail 5: Three Hills Challenge – Calcot, Romsley and Frankley

 Link to trail 5


Route Details

This leaflet describes a challenging circuit for cyclists, visiting 3 hills and 7 boulder sites.

A shorter circuit for walkers includes Frankley Hill and 3 boulder sites.

Both trails start at from the shopping precinct at Arden Road, New Frankley, B45 0JA.

This has a car park (no disabled spaces) and is on a bus route.


Trail Lengths and Navigation:

Cycle trail: 10 miles (16 km).

Walking trail: 2.8 miles (4.5 km). The walking trail is mostly on hard surfaces, but with rough inclined sections up and down Frankley Hill (shown by the dashed lines on the map), and two stiles to cross.



A 1 mile (1.6km) route from the start at Arden Road through Balaam’s wood to Locality 7a is navigable and traffic free – but does include a road crossing. This section is suitable for all cyclists and walkers including wheelchair users. Boulder 7a is visible from the path. Return via same route.




Shops and car park (no disabled spaces) at Arden Road, New Frankley

Cafe and toilets at Waseley Hills Country Park, B45 9AT (disabled parking and accessible toilets)

Dingle Social Club, B45 0BP (open daily, check times) Wheelchair accessible, no accessible toilet.



Glacial Boulder Trail 6: Around Bromsgrove and Tardebigge

Link for trail 6 page


Route Details

This leaflet describes a route for cyclists starting from Bromsgrove station and is divided into two parts: a countryside circuit around Tardebigge, and an extension to Bromsgrove.


A linear route for walkers is marked on the map from Tardebigge to Bromsgrove Station.


Trail Lengths:

Cycle trail: 12.4 miles (20 km). Tardebigge circuit: 8.2 miles (13 km); Bromsgrove extension: 4.2 miles (7 km).

Walk Tardebigge – Station: 4 miles (6.5 km).


The Tardebigge cycle circuit is suitable only for experienced cyclists.

The walk from Tardebigge to Bromsgrove station requires strong footwear, is on a mixture of quiet roads, pavements, paved paths and unpaved footpaths – with steps, kerbs and road crossings. and is mostly downhill. It is unsuitable for wheelchair users.

Locality 7 – Bromsgrove Cemetery entrance, Church Lane.  Parking on-street at Church Road, there is access on pavements – including a road crossing – to the entrance of Bromsgrove Cemetery to see the large boulders by the path.



Bromgrove Train Station, disabled parking spaces and public toilets.

Bromsgrove centre public toilets, RADAR key and changing places toilet.

The Tardebigge on Hewell Lane, B97 6QL  – wheelchair accessible.


Glacial Boulder Trail 7: Boulders by Bike – A Cycle Tour around South West Birmingham’s

Link to Trail 7 page

Route Details

This is a circular cycling trail from the Cannon Hill Park boulder to the University of Birmingham’s Edgbaston campus, then along the Bourn Brook Walkway to Woodgate Valley Country Park, and back to Cannon Hill Park via Northfield, Bournville and the Rea Valley.

13 boulders (in red) are visited in 6 localities (in black) as indicated on the map and described in this leaflet.


Trail length and navigation:

13.7 miles (22 km) with 130 m of climbing. Where possible the route follows dedicated cycle/footpaths; otherwise it follows suburban roads. Main road crossings have lights.



The route as a whole is only accessible for competent cyclists. Off-road sections are mostly well-surfaced, with some narrow and rougher sections in the Bourn Brook valley. The section in Woodgate Valley Country Park is designed to be accessible for all users.

The boulders and accessibility for Woodgate Valley Country Park (Locality 3), Cannon Hill Park (Locality 1) are described above.

Locality 5 – Rowheath Pavilion.  The boulder is not visible from a paved path. 

Locality 6 – Bournville Boulders – these are next to the entrance to Bournville Station and can be seen from the pavement 50 cm below the boulders.

Locality 4 – Garland Way – There are paved footpath / cycle paths through Greyfox park.  There large boulder (83) can usually be seen from the path as can Boulder 32.  There is step-free access to these viewpoints but parking near entrances is limited to on-road and may include road crossings.



Cannon Hill Park – Disabled Parking and Accessible Toilets –

University of Birmingham campus,

Woodgate Valley Country Park,

Northfield Shopping Centre, Accessible Toilets and Disabled Parking.

Rowheath Park Pavilion – Accessible toilets and Disabled Parking



Glacial Boulder Trail 8: Illey Wilderness Trail

 Link to trail 8 page


Route Details

This trail starts and finishes from Woodgate Valley Country Park, Clapgate Lane, B32 3DS.  The trail is on narrow unpaved footpaths, on uneven paths, through fields including styles and road crossings. 


Trail length and alternatives:

5.25 miles (8.5 km). The Black Horse Inn, Illey Lane makes a suitable place to split the route into two halves.



This route is not recommended for wheelchair users or people with reduced mobility

This is a challenging route on pavements, narrow unpaved footpaths and bridleways. Route includes several stiles and some muddy ground.



The Black Horse Inn, Illey Lane, Halesowen, B62 0HJ; Has accessible toilets and parking

Woodgate Valley Country Park has disabled parking and the visitor centre has accessible toilet facilities (when open).

The Old Crown Inn, Carter’s Lane, B62 0EP (320 m)